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Unfortunately, we know hardly anything about female homosexuality.Of course, this does not mean that it did not exist (cf.

It is assumed by many modern scholars that as soon as the adolescent had a beard, the love affair had to be finished. It was certainly shameful when a man with a beard remained the passive partner (pathikos) and it was even worse when a man allowed himself to be penetrated by another grown-up man.

There are, indeed, a great many pictures on vases that show how an older lover, the erastes, courts a boy, the eromenos.

They appear not to be of the same age: the erastes has a beard and plays an active role, whereas the adolescent has no beard and remains passive.

In the soldiers' city Sparta, it was not uncommon when a warrior took care of a younger recruit and stood next to him on the battlefield, where the two bravely protected each other.

Especially in aristocratic circles, pederasty is believed to have been common.

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For example, not every older erastes had a beard, and it turns out to be a modern fairy tale that the younger eromenos was never aroused.

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