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A frantic search ended nearly two weeks later off High Street.Today, the property houses the University of Maine at Farmington’s Health and Fitness Center, affectionately referred to as the Beaver Dome. “They shot their sawdust from years of sawing into the southeast corner,” Pike said, “and it was in that particular accumulation of sawdust that the dogs did in fact locate the body.The disappearance wrested the public’s attention away from the ongoing Farmington Fair.Her family, though poor, offered a large reward for information leading to an arrest.“There is scarcely a day that I don’t still reflect on that tragic case,” Dennis Pike says.In 1971, when Pike heard Hand’s name for the first time as a young Farmington police officer, the world seemed much more innocent.

“While we were there, the state police officer who was doing that got a note and handed the note to me.It said they had discovered the remains of Miss Hand.Although the other case was important, I was really anxious to get back to Farmington to get on that.” On Sept.With a population of 1.3 million people, there were 26 homicides in 2012 and another 25 in 2013, both years in line with the number reported annually over the past several years.The large majority of those murders — 90 percent or more — are solved during the first active investigation by law enforcement officers.

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Pike spends his time catching up on backlogged home projects, which for five decades always seemed to take a back seat to the latest crime or crisis.