Chatsex melay

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Chatsex melay

She had just walked straight to the limo after the director had yell “cut”.The outfit Miley wore was a bit provocative but she wasn’t too worried about it as it was now very late in the morning, she was registered at the hotel under a false name and she was using a dark side entrance to avoid being seen.The guard looked up at Miley’s sleeping face, fearing he had woken her. The guard stopped licking Miley’s tender pussy and reached up to the bra showcasing the girl’s tits.

It was currently am and she was waving off the hotel’s staffs attempts to help her as she exited her limo.

Miley stumbled through the dark hotel halls trying to find a elevator to take her to her suite.

She finally found a elevator but stumbled again as she punched the call button.

The see-thru material gave tantalizing glimpses of her teenage flesh without really showing anything.

Her hair was teased and artfully tousled but she only wore a smattering of make-up.

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Her outfit and hair screamed “sex kitten” but her make-up gave her a innocent look.

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