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This fall, Mel Gibson’s conscientious objector epic are bound together by a common narrative, one about our culture’s alarming forgivingness of charges of sexual violence, often dismissing them as “scandals” or “controversies” rather than, y’know, potential crimes.

Plus, Gaghan has Oscar history, winning best screenplay for (11/18), purchased by Amazon but set to get a theatrical release, was rapturously received at Sundance, and seems destined for at least some acting nominations, for Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams.

Remember, another big, surreal comedy-drama—that kinda leaned a little more on drama—starring a major star was released in December just a few years ago: Ben Stiller’s !

) Stephen Gaghan that’s getting a brief qualifying release on Christmas Day before going wider in January.

The film wasn’t meant to come out until next year, but after its first trailer got a positive response, Fox set the film up for a small Oscar qualifying release.

(12/16), perhaps the most revered installment in the late, great playwright August Wilson’s 10-play cycle chronicling the black experience in 20th century America.

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Eastwood has had good luck securing nominations and wins for his actors in the past, but this one seems a bit too much like 2012’s (9/30), will get some attention for Mark Wahlberg and the rest of its manly cast (plus Gina Rodriguez and Kate Hudson), though it’s already facing some backlash.