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The Evesham and Royal Garden patterns being just two examples.

Prior to this date named sets were uncommon, although there were some the majority of early named patterns were given the name in more recent times.

The presence of the crescent mark dates these items to the Dr Wall period and they are all very similar in shape, size and decoration to those made in the same period by Caughley.

See our early worcester for sale section for examples of sparrow beak jugs, Bute cups and Dr Wall period pieces.

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But pieces bearing the crescent mark are rare and usually the provence of specialist collectors.

In the late 1700s Worcester were among the first to use the Bute shape for teabowls, tea cups and coffee cups.

After 1963 no Worcester dating system is used but patterns are all named and bear the date that they were first introduced.

This continued until 1963 when 13 dots are arranged around the W.

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