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In addition, since the war, a number of ivory carvings and examples of soft stone sculpture have been discovered - notably some half a dozen figurines - as well as artifacts, tools, fossils and other ancient materials.

For other contemporaneous prehistoric art from the Russian interior, see: Amur River Pottery (from 14,300 BCE). Cuban model Elio Pis is her most recent boyfriend, with the pair meeting in 2012 when he modelled for her Ele Ven fashion line.On the matter, the 37-year-old said she is simply focusing on her tennis career and sister Serena's wedding to Alexis Ohanian.Because it is much more true-to-life than many of its counterparts, it does not fit the usual image of a fertility symbol.Instead, one almost feels that the sculptor was trying to portray a real person.

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See also the Kapova Cave Paintings (12,500 BCE) in the Shulgan-Tash Preserve, in the Urals.