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Nicol paone dating

I thankfully put [this interview] in my alarm clock, because I don’t remember anything.

call” and was like, “Shit balls,” because I completely forgot.

Your activity appears to be coming from some type of automated process.

Calm down and go soak your tampons in some more alcohol.

Imagine hearing a fun circus-type whistle and BOOM – I’m flying right at you; this is how I would like to enter your world if you will allow me to do so.

It’s super popular and that is the good thing about comedy: There is something for everyone.

I happen to be a lady.” But everyone gets pigeonholed.

I have never — knock on wood — had something horrible happen to me on stage when I say that I am gay.

But yeah, you definitely have to be careful, and I am not going to these major comedy clubs across the county talking about being gay the time.

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