Tyra bow wow dating who was big papa that kim was dating

Posted by / 29-Jan-2018 12:31

BTW , Dolicia Bryant ummm ..to bow wow everybody had screwed her DUH!!!

Thats nothing new sweetie -_- Only a black man...there are no words for how disgusting that is. If they had a clue on how to respect their women and take care of them emotionally take care of their children they would soon find that they have been the problem all along.

Ladies don't be fooled, this boy is no man & even at 40yr old he will never qualify to consider himself a man.

And now that he’s older, this guy is literally becoming a hot mess by the hour with all the drama he cooks up.

Unfortunately, these men in the industry do that all the time.

Sleep with multitudes of women and get multiple diseases and share them amongst each other.

And look how childish he was gloating about ditching a girl, what man does that?

He was so happy it was mentioned bc he thinks it made him look like what his warped definition of a man is. They are destroying our people and getting paid to do it.

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