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Paleolithic principle dating

Origin: Campo Ceresole near Vho di Piadena (Lombardia, Italy). The shape of the heads reproduces the shape of the hair, enriched by ornamental patterns, traced with little lines as "V" present also in the dorsal side. It represents a woman with two heads, and represents a divinity. By Mexican archeologists, these two-faced venus are interpreted like " symbol of a double fruit or of the principle of the duality, at the roots of the mesoamerican religious philosophy, to which is attributed propitiatory character ". This sculpture has been found in several fragments, without a leg, and has been restored. Collocation: Archaeological Soprintendenza of Lombardia, Museo Comunale Archeologico Antiquarium Platina di Piadena. We think that these two sculptures in bronze have been made by a same artist. More simply, given the compactness of the sediments, the technique most often used was the preparation of small blocks 1 dm3, which were cut again in the laboratory under red or orange light that does not affect the OSL signal.The dose rate was determined by combining several analytical techniques: gamma spectrometry in the field, high resolution gamma spectrometry in the laboratory or ICP-MS (Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry).When sediment is exposed to natural light prior to deposition, the OSL acquired over geological time is removed.

Representation of a naked woman (venus) with two heads. This statuine in terracotta was covered from a thin black ingobbio, of which are found traces in the lower part of the body and on the left head.

Analyses carried out first focused on the Pleistocene of the complex of Paleolithic sites at Ounjougou.

They show that in the Yamé Valley, the sedimentary deposits preserved and many traces of human occupations were primarily concentrated in OIS 4 and 3 (74-24 ka).

The body in the form of a disk could allude to a sun divinity.

In West Africa, preservation conditions of the sediments have only rarely been favorable to the recording of long sedimentary and archaeological sequences.

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Radioactive decay is accompanied by energy release, some of which is absorbed by nearby minerals.

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