Pussy sex hookup

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I yelped as his cock continued to punish my boy-pussy. " He must have roommates, I thought, and pulled away as I wouldn't have been able to keep quiet with him ram-rodding me like a two-bit whore.After that short pause he was back to punishing my fuck-hole with his hard man-missile." Again I answered affirmatively, the words again becoming mumbles as they passed the stiff cock that was filling my mouth.He then clutched my hair and forced my head down on his shaft.

I did as he commanded, disappointed I didn't get to swallow his sweet jizz, but happy that I was getting more cock-time.He again grabbed my head by the hair and forced my mouth to his now flaccid, cum-drenched cock.The forced ass-to mouth made me tremble with pleasure as I sucked and licked the man-cream off the dick that had just been deep in my ass, cleaning his rod thoroughly.When I got to his house he was nervous as he had never been with a guy, so I jumped right in.Quickly I was butt naked and on my knees in front of him.

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It found its mark and penetrated me without any degree of gentleness. I had not had a dick in me for quite some time and my sphincter was super tight, but he showed me no mercy and rammed his rod into my ass with abandon.